Extra resources for social prescribers

References and resources compiled with the kind co-operation of the Forward with Dementia Social Prescribers advice and testing group in 2024 useful for all healthcare professionals

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    Extra resources for social prescribers

    Here we have compiled a short list of extra resources that you may find useful. This is not exhaustive but was compiled with the kind co-operation of the Forward with Dementia Social Prescribers advice and testing group in 2024. If you find links that are out of date or have new resources you find useful please do contact the team.

    Evidence papers

     Evidence and resources on green social prescribing


     Social prescribing resources by Greater London Authority


     Evidence on social prescribing for ethnic minority groups


     Case study on working with ethnic minority groups


     Network for London social prescribers


     Evidence on physical activity in dementia


     Guidance on dementia friendly swimming


     Impact of the arts in people living with dementia


     Review of evidence on Social Prescribing


     Review on heritage and wellbeing


     Evidence on arts interventions and health


     Social prescribing for carers : Best practice



    Guidance documents

     Money guidance and social welfare legal advice


     Guidance on music social prescriptions for people living with dementia


     Code of practice for social prescribers


     Quality assurance for social prescribers


     Best practice when working with British Sign Language clients


     Government guidance to interpreting



     NHS social prescribing framework, roles and responsibilities


     Gardening clubs for people living with dementia


     Psychosocial interventions for South Asian people living with dementia


     Videos in different languages to raise dementia awareness in South Asian communities


     Arts and culture in social prescribing


     Healing through nature – information and registration form


     Social activities for older people


     Information and evidence on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy


     Information and evidence on doll therapy


     All about reminisce therapy


     Information and evidence on activities for people with impairments




     Online network for social prescribers by the NHS –
     register with an NHS email address



     Free network for Social Prescribers



     National Academy of Social Presribers general website



     National Association of Link Workers general website



     Network for London Social prescribers



    Social Prescribing search engines

     Online search for dementia cafés


     Online search for “Singing for the brain” events



     Online search for social activities



     Online search for dementia-friendly film screenings


     Online search for daycare


     Online search for arts in dementia events


     Online search for cultural and creative befrienders


     Online search for walking groups


     Online search for NHS talking therapies


     Online search for carers’ support


     Online search for social services


     Online search for remote or in-presence events for Social Prescribing



    Social Prescribing tools

     Green social prescribing toolkit


     Wellbeing tips for social prescribers


     Mental health and money toolkit


     NHS self-reflection tool for social prescribers


     Support migrants in social prescribing


     List of organisations catering to LGBTQ+ people living with dementia


     Form to help the police if someone living with dementia goes missing


    Supporting South Asian communities living with dementia


     Large social prescribing resource bank


     Online forum support for carers


     Dementia support forum


     Language identification chart


     Teach Back technique to check that clients understand what is being said


     Picture communication tool to aid interaction in healthcare


     Example of a social prescribing toolkit


     Dementia-friendly physical exercises


     Dementia chair-based exercises


     Online search for libraries and what they have



    Training and development

     Podcast on social prescribing – register for upcoming seminars



     Courses for social prescribers



     Continuing professional development for social prescribers



     Dementia training



     Dementia training



     Online training course on culture, arts and wellbeing



     The General Practice Podcast – includes episodes on social prescribing



     LGBT training



     NHS e-learning platform for Social Prescribers



     Training resources for Social Prescribers



     Explanation on dementia care pathway



     Types of dementia, symptoms and characteristics




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