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The Forward with dementia toolkit. What is it for?

Your toolkit is easy to set up and doesnt require your data. It allows you to save helpful articles to refer back to as well as enabling you set your own actions that are relevant to you and your life…

On this page

Click a subject to skip the content.

When you first arrive

You will see that you have a choice to make. What role best describes you. Pick
that option and with one click you have created your own toolkit.

What can I see in the toolkit?

When you first arrive you will not have articles in the toolkit. So, the next thing to do
is take a look through all the categories and if you find an artcle you like click “Add
this article” that appears in the top navigation to add your first article to your
personal toolkit.

Good to know…

Remember. We will not ask for personal information or data at any point, but you should keep your email address handy so you can save your toolkit readsy to come back to it.

How to navigate the toolkit

You will note that there are 5 icons, or small images used when you are in your toolkit…