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The categories below contain information, tools, links and stories to other people’s experiences with dementia

Explore stories and experiences of dementia

Following a dementia diagnosis, it’s only natural to ask questions

A diagnosis is the first step in moving forward with dementia. Many people with dementia live full and meaningful lives after diagnosis.

On this website, people with dementia have shared their good and bad experiences, so you can learn from them and find useful strategies. This, combined with evidence based research, will help you choose your own path forward.

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Articles for carers

  • Clearer communication and behaviours with subjects
  • Creating a tailored and flexible approach to care
  • Dealing with emotional responses
  • The care system and regulatory change
  • Subject handovers and creating consistency
  • Cultural considerations
  • Underserved communities
  • Planning for hospital visits
  • Helping with Finances and benefits

We exist to help you move forward

With the help of Healthcare professionals, people living with dementia and care partners we’ve tried to create a comprehensive tool featuring up to date information and guidance for living with dementia.

We are with you and here for you from diagnosis onwards.
Who’s ‘we’? Renowned experts on dementia, experienced healthcare professionals, others with dementia who are passing on their wisdom…

We are free to use on any device and have practical advice for every stage of your dementia journey
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